Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Busy Knowing Nothing At All!

I find it interesting how I think I know everything.  It's true. I know everything.  I know how to tie little shoes, kiss little boo-boos, and teach 5th grade math (kind of).  I think it's VERY interesting how God knows MORE!  He knew that we would not bring home a little girl 1-5 years old, but a teenage girl who has a smile that warms your heart.  He knows that the story He's writing is going to be better than any story I could've written.  Let me back up...

A lot of you know, but some don't, that we accepted the referral of a 13 (ish) year old girl from our agency's waiting child list. I had the privilege of traveling down last October and meeting her for the first time.  She was every bit as sweet and shy as everyone said.  The alias our agency gave her was Sunny, and it fits her perfectly. Now, the prospect of bringing home a teenage girl is TERRIFYING to my husband and I.  That's why I can comfortably say "It's not me, it's God in me." when  people say what a good person I am.  Oh no I'm not!!!  The "good person" I am wants to run away screaming and crying and hide in a corner somewhere...take an easier road. This "good person"  begs God to hold her hand so that she doesn't break down and wonder if she's ruined her family.  God is the only good one, and this is HIS story, not mine.

Our process has not been smooth.  It usually isn't, but we've encountered a special set of problems.  I know God is doing something. I think it's squeezing out the immediate gratification problem I have, one tear drop at a time...or maybe it's preparing our family for our newest member...or maybe sweet Sunny needs these last months in the culture she has lived in her whole life that will radically change when she comes here.  We don't know... just taking one day at a time.  What I do know is I love her, I can't wait for her to be a part of our family, and we're fighting hard for you sweet girl!

The Chosen Marathon is coming to Salt Lake City and we're building a team!! Don't let it scare can run a half marathon, walk or run a 5k, or SLEEP WALK!!  Everyone I know knows how to sleep walk!!!  Just register under TEAM ABBOTT and 100 flippin' percent of your registration goes towards our adoption!!!  YEAH!!  Help us bring our sweet Sunny home!!